'How to Shift Your Career Path the RIGHT Way' with Lynne Reznick Photography

Renée sits down with Boston wedding photographer, Lynne Reznick of Lynne Reznick Photography. Bringing a mixture of professionalism and creativity to each client, Lynne enjoys working closely with couples who are deeply in love to capture their love stories in authentic, joyful, and classic imagery. We hear all about her interesting journey of leaving her long-time career as a successful High School teacher to take the leap into an entirely new industry as a wedding photographer. She shares all the steps she took to make her career transition in the right way! 

Lynne and Renée also chat about Lynne's new coaching and mentorship services, as well about their joint venture: Everyday Creative, where they provide education to help creatives take their businesses to the next level through engaging workshops and helpful resources.

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