07.20.19 | Lakeview Pavilion | Foxborough, Massachusetts

“Where do I start with Urban Soiree? I can truly say my wedding day wouldn’t have been what it was without Renee and her team. From the moment we hired Renee as our planner, she was dedicated to us, easy to contact and took all of the wedding planning stress away from us. My husband and I both work in the events industry for Peak Event Services so we weren’t sure that hiring a planner was even necessary- but boy are we happy we did! She was referred to us by our colleague who is the top sales executive at our company so we knew right away that she would do a good job, but she ended up exceeding our expectations. She constantly checked in with us, went out of her way to have in person meetings and made sure we stayed on a consistent timeline to prevent scrambling closer to our wedding date. Renee made sure to find a way to make anything and everything we had wanted possible, even if it meant having difficult conversations with other vendors or our venue. My wedding photos look like they belong in a magazine. I feel honored that people are still talking about how perfect my wedding day was even 2 months later.

The day of our welcome dinner, we were introduced to Blair who is part of Renee’s team at Urban Soiree. Our wedding day turned out to be 105 degrees and Blair fanned me the entire time, made sure my drink was full, and completely waited on me hand and foot. I felt like a princess! For example, during my welcome reception I lost an earring so Blair took her earrings out of her ears for me to wear for the night. Another mishap happened right before my reception when we realized that my dress never had a bustle so Blair grabbed some safety pins and bustled it beautifully- no one knew it wasn’t a real bustle. Not only did she take care of Zach and I, but my wedding party ranted and raved about how they felt like royalty with Blairs assistance as well. During our after party at about 1am when she should have been excused of her duties, Blair showed up at the house we were staying with all of our belongings, cards and gifts to ensure we had everything we needed. She also offered to drive home inebriated guests and made sure we had enough food. I could go on and on about Renee, Blair and the rest of the Urban Soiree team. Whenever I think of my wedding day, I think of them and how much they helped me. I highly recommend hiring Urban Soiree if you are looking for a planner- you will not regret it. The girls at Urban Soiree turned into my good friends that I am so grateful to have met”

renee sabo