WOW Worthy Food + Beverage

There are so many unique ways to personalize your wedding and one of our favorite areas to customize is your food and beverage! Whether you want to incorporate your cultural background, your favorite type of cuisine, or the brewery where you met, there is always a way to pull your personalities into this area. Below are a variety of ideas we love -- but the possibilities are endless and we challenge you to think of fun ways to represent yourselves through your catering and beverage! 



Tying in your cultural background is always a great idea when it comes to your wedding, its a way to proudly represent where you came from and it's crowd pleaser with your family! However, you don't need to have a background to offer a fun cuisine either. Perhaps you both are foodies and you'd love to offer guests a variety of your favorite cuisines! From Asian to Spanish and everything in between -- this is the best area to have some FUN with and WOW your guests. 


Provide your guest's with unique pairings they won't forget:  sliders + beer, tacos+margaritas, risotto + wine! The list could go on and I am getting hungry just thinking about these delicious pairing ideas. 


Your bar is another perfect area to tie in your personalities. What are your favorite cocktails -- do you want to offer a his and hers? Or how about sending guests home with tastes of a local brewery where you had one of your first dates? Don't be afraid to offer something creative to your guests!

*Images are a mix of examples from pinterest + the web!

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